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Texas BlogWire

Austin's Town Lake to be Renamed Lady Bird Lake

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Thu Jul 26, 2007 at 00:57 AM CDT

Austinites- get ready for a name change. Town Lake is to be renamed Lady Bird Lake today by the Austin City Council in memory of the former first lady.

Members of the surviving Johnson family, including daughters Luci and Lynda, will attend a ceremony during the City Council's meeting at City Hall today.

"I am delighted and not a bit surprised," said Betty Sue Flowers, director of the LBJ Library and Museum. "She was a modest woman."


"Lady Bird Johnson transformed Town Lake from a garbage-strewn eyesore into Austin's scenic and recreational centerpiece," said Council Member Brewster McCracken in a written statement. "Town Lake, and life in Austin, wouldn't be the same without her vision."

The Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin was renamed the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, honoring the deceased former governor earlier this year.  The two make a fitting pair in remembrance.

Karl-Thomas Musselman :: Austin's Town Lake to be Renamed Lady Bird Lake
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A wonderful tribute (5.00 / 1)
To a wonderful woman who gave us such a beautiful gift.  I can't even imagine Austin with out Lady Bird Lake.

We've lost many wonderful women in recent years; Ann, Molly and now Lady Bird.  I just hope that they're all having a grand old time together.  We are all far better off with everything they did for us.  I thank them all.

I think they should respect her wishes (3.00 / 1)
This would be great and the honor well deserved except for one thing: As I understand it the deceased opposed the idea for this eponymous honor for many years, including fairly recently if memory serves; this has been proposed several times..

I think they should honor Lady Bird's wishes and leave it "Town Lake" unless it turns out she specifically changed her mind and somebody can document it (allegedly whispering it into Will Wynn's ear on hear deathbed, e.g., doesn't count). Otherwise to me it feels a little creepy and opportunistic to use her name in a fashion with which she disapproved.

From the article if you read it (5.00 / 1)
"It was only after daughter Luci Baines Johnson consulted with her mother that Lady Bird agreed she would not be opposed to having the lake named after her. Of all the name choices, including Lake Lady Bird Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson Lake, Johnson chose Lady Bird Lake as her favorite, Bailey said."

[ Parent ]
She gave it a modest thumbs up (5.00 / 2)
All Ablog Austin 7/25/07
Lady Bird Lake
Luci Baines Johnson recalled today that when she asked her mother several months ago about former mayors’ request to re-name the lake after her death, "she smiled and gave a modest thumbs up."

Luci recalled an afternoon that she pushed her wheelchair-bound mother along the trail, as runners screeched to a halt to thank Mrs. Johnson for her contributions.

Luci told the audience today, "As you run the trail with those you love, take your elderly parents there, too. I promise you, you’ll never regret it."

I'm sure the family gave their OK and they wouldn't have agreed if she had said no. She may not have wanted it renamed while she was alive, but I think she knew her time was coming. I think she's at peace with it, and we of course love it.

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The Lady Bird Johnson Memorial Grove (0.00 / 0)
When in D.C. visit the Lady Bird Johnson Memorial Grove, on the Potomac.  It's near the Pentagon.

- -

Regards, TOM BLACKWELL, PO Box 25403, Dallas, Texas 75225


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