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Kinky: Don't Vote, Like Me

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman on Fri Feb 17, 2006 at 18:37:43 PM CST

Part of Independent Kinky Friedman's strategy for getting on the ballot is encouraging people not to vote.  Apparently, he's leading by example.

Kinky Friedman has voted just once in the last 12 years, even skipping last year's constitutional amendment election on a gay-marriage ban – after he was a declared candidate for governor.

"Quite often, I did not like my choices," the independent candidate for governor said Thursday. "If God wanted us to vote, he'd give us a choice. This time, God has given us a choice."


According to Kerr County voting records, Mr. Friedman voted in the 2004 presidential general election but not in any other contest since 1994.

"I was for Bush in 2004," he said. "He's a good man trapped in a Republican's body."

Mr. Friedman said he supported Bill Clinton in the 1990s but didn't vote for him because he was often on tour outside the country.

"I was doing a lot of music then," he said.

He added: "And I campaigned like hell for Ann Richards [in 1994], but I don't think I voted. I should have set up absentee arrangements, but I didn't."

Well, gosh darn, voting (while on the road or not) is just sooo hard.  And he voted for George W. Bush... didn't know that.  So I guess that makes Chris Bell and Bob Gammage the only people in the Gubernatorial race that don't regularly vote for Republicans.

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Kinky: Don't Vote, Like Me | 6 comments | Time to post comments expired.
It's not an obligation (1.50 / 2)
The right to vote is a choice in this country. Not an obligation. Quite a few get disgusted and become "disenfranchised."  That does not mean they do not have the right to an opinion. That does not mean they do not have the right to vote for whom they want when they do vote. That does not mean they do not have the right to vote for public office when having voted again find once again they are disgusted with the state of this country and want to do something about it.

Reality is some Democrats did vote for Bush instead of Kerry.  Some did not like Kerry. Some of it had to do with his wife.  And her Republican money.  And some of it had to do with the way in which Dean just suddenly pulled out and literally gave the nomination to Kerry. Some wondered. Some still do. Goes back to the Republican money.

Personally I didn't vote.  Too disgusted. But something about Kerry I didn't like. I would have voted for Dean.  Dean supposedly is a "mentor" for Bell. Talk about a quitter.

When I look at the Democratic Party, I see a party divided.  By money that has divided it among lines of "liberal" versus "centrist" or "moderate" both of which are nonsense.  There is only one kind of Democrat.  A Democrat.

There are Democrats who become Independent. There are Repubublicans who become Independent.  The Republicans don't like it, but accept it.  The Democrats for some reason go for the jugular vein.

I found Kerry to be a lapdog type. Not just for Teresa either.  And would never have voted for him no matter what. 

Electing someone simply because they are a Democrat isn't always the best idea. Or the solution.  There are quite a few Republicans who regret having done so.  And they will be the ones who may decide it all in November. 

They are fed up with the corruption just like everyone else. If they vote Democrat, they will vote Gammage. Not Bell. Talk is cheap.  Gammage has walked the talk.  As has Ben Grant.

People overlook the lieutenant governor's race when promoting Bell. Bell is out there for himself. Gammage is out there for everyone on the ticket. With Gammage, we could also possibly have a "team" with Ben Grant as lieutenant governor. Who will we have with Chris Bell?  David Dewhurst?

by: Baby Snooks @ Sat Feb 18, 2006 at 10:40:39 AM CST
[ Reply ]
Terrible attitude. Declarative sentences.
"The right to vote is a choice in this country. Not an obligation."

Legally no.  If you're the type of person that wants to live his/her life in such a way as to make an effort to improve your own lot and the lots of others-- then voting is obligatory.  The system has its issues, but there still is usually a choice that better suits one's interests than the other.  Getting fed up with the system and refusing to take part in it is pretty much just a defeatist attitude that won't get you anywhere unless an overwhelming majority are also fed up with the system.  Your failure to vote for Kerry, who will from now on be refered to as Twit 1, is a perfect illustration of irresponsible citizenship that plagues America.  You had a choice between Twit 1 and Bush, Twit 2.  Twit 1 and Twit 2 have a number of shortcomings each.  Twit 2 just so happens to have been trying to shove a banana up John Q. Public's rectum for 4 years.  Now Twit 1 isn't personable and even seems like a lap dog at times-- But Johnny really wants that banana out his arse. 

"There is only one kind of Democrat.  A Democrat."

Well, I disagree with what led up to that statement in your post, but anyhow, it's DEMOCRATS like you that didn't help us with that banana.  Thanks.

by: Ryanlindly @ Sat Feb 18, 2006 at 14:26:23 PM CST
[ Parent ]
might I suggest
Might I suggest that someone who didn't vote for John Kerry in 2004 and who up until very recently was vocally supporting an "independent" [i.e.: non-Democratic] candidate for Governor really shouldn't presume to tell others what it means to be a Democrat? 

And by the way, what the hell does "There is only one kind of Democrat.  A Democrat." mean?  Is that a zen koan or something?

by: mistermark @ Sat Feb 18, 2006 at 18:09:02 PM CST
[ Parent ]
The right to vote is a choice in this country. Not an obligation. Quite a few get disgusted and become "disenfranchised."

I'd argue with you about this regarding candidates, because I think you're seriously misguided, but instead I'll just say the obvious here:

How does anyone get disaffected about ballot propositions?

"Oh man, why should I vote for Prop 946? Sure, he sounds great now, but once he's Article 17 Section 364 he'll probably take money from lobbyists and let me down like all other proposed constitutional amendments. I'm so disillusioned."

by: Ryan Goodland @ Sat Feb 18, 2006 at 19:59:31 PM CST
[ Parent ]
Why the hell not? Because Kinky is irresponsible. (0.00 / 0)
There were hundreds of candidates running in the primaries throughout Texas, maybe thousands. Kinky didn't give a rat's ass about any of them.

The 10 million who normally wouldn't vote in the primary were not enough for his 45,000 sigs. So he told people not to vote. That's irresponsible in my book, and it has ramifications for every one of the candidates who ran in Texas.

The fact is Kinky is not serious about this Governor position. He's using this campaign as an opportunity to sell a few more books and a few more tickets for his upcoming tour after the November election.


by: imacsal @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 at 18:37:09 PM CST
[ Reply ]
Just curious
When did Kinky Friedman ever tell anyone not to vote? I don't recall his ever having done so. His campaign emphasized that if you voted in the primary, you couldn't sign the petition. But Strayhorn's campaign did the same.  If anything, they both offered a choice. We will find out soon whether either or both obtained enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. And how serious both are.

With only 5% of Republicans and 4% of Democrats voting in the primary, the indication is that both probably will obtain enough signatures. Simply because a lot of Republicans and a lot of Democrats are just fed up and might be willing to vote for someone who isn't connected into the party politics and the special interest groups.

Kinky Friedman is labeled a "Republican" by detractors.  He voted for George Bush. But he also campaigned for Ann Richards. Sounds pretty "Independent" to me.

Given the turnout for the primary, I would say no candidate really can be assured of total support from within their party.  I suspect November is going to see quite a few voters crossing party lines. And voting for the two Independent candidates.

To say that Kinky Friedman didn't care about the other candidates running in the party has no validity.  He is an Independent. Not a party candidate.

By the same token, when did Chris Bell get out there on behalf of these other candidates the way Bob Gammage did? He didn't. And yet expects "loyalty" from them and everyone else. Simply because a majority of 4% of Democratic voters elected him as the Democratic candidate. Doesn't work that way.

Now that the primary is over, who is Bell out there acting on behalf of?  Himself. 

Now that the primary is over, who is Gammage out there acting on behalf of?  All those other Democratic candidates. 

by: Baby Snooks @ Sun Mar 19, 2006 at 20:40:32 PM CST
[ Parent ]
Kinky: Don't Vote, Like Me | 6 comments | Time to post comments expired.
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