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Texas BlogWire

TX-10 Poll Results

by: Karl-Thomas Musselman

Wed Aug 30, 2006 at 06:17 PM CDT

Here's some info that has the blogs buzzing today. Democrat Ted Ankrum commissioned a poll in his district which runs from Travis to Harris County, with results that mirror some other polls but are are bit suprising in a rather good way. The poll was professional and hardly biased, seeing as how Paul Burka actually got one of the calls and thought it was from McCaul.

A poll by Forensic Economic Data Consulting, Inc.  It was a robocall poll of 500 randomly-selected likely voters in TX 10.  The statistical margin of error for this number of responders is 4.4%.

Q1.  Are you a registered voter who intends to vote in the election?  Only "yes" answers continued with the call

Q2.  Michael McCaul is your current Representative in Congress.  What are your thoughts on his reelection?
34.7%  Would you definitely vote to reelect him
39.1%  Would you consider other candidates
26.1%  Would you definitely vote to replace him

Q3.  The three Candidates for Congress are Michael McCaul, the Republican, Ted Ankrum, the Democrat, and Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian.
50.8%  Would you vote for Michael McCaul, the Republican
41.6%  Would you vote for Ted Ankrum, the Democrat
7.6%  Would you vote for Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian

Q4  In times such as these, should a Representative follow the lead of the President or follow the opinion of voters in their District?  In a situation where the two do not agree:
23.2% The Representative should follow the President
76.8% The Representative should follow the voters

Q5.  What is your opinion of President Bush' job performance on a scale of 1 to 4, where 1 means you strongly approve and 4 means you strongly disapprove?

25.7%  Strongly approve
22.8%  Somewhat approve
9.4%  Some disapproval
42.0%  Strong disapproval

Wow. 65.2% of the respondents will consider a different candidate, or definitely replace him. Bush has a 51.4% disapproval rating, with only 23.2% stating strong approval.  Combine that with the 3:1 results for "Representatives should follow the voters, rather than the President", and the future does not look bright for Rep. McCaul.

And I've got to say, Ankrum has been all over that district and as a resume that is hard to beat. I know that there hasn't been that much blog attention to the race, but as the coordinated campaign here in Travis heats up, I'm sure we'll have more info as his district overlaps most of Strama's and some of Howard's.

Karl-Thomas Musselman :: TX-10 Poll Results
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TX-10 Poll Results | 9 comments
Wow! This is great news! (4.33 / 3)
I hope Ted will get a little more attention now.

Excellent (4.50 / 4)
Ted is a much stronger candidate than many have recognized.  Time to start some of that TrueBlueTravis blockwalking among my new neighbors, since I have recently moved into CD 10.

Logic and an open mind are more useful than common sense.

Do let's show Ted some blog love (4.50 / 4)
(Sorry for the repetitive comment, but:)

Give to his campaign today!

Need to get him some dough. (4.50 / 4)

I just signed up to volunteer for Ankrum (5.00 / 3)
You should too. (Although he probably needs cash more than anything...)

Here's the volunteer sign-up link:

Go Ted!

Did I miss the point? (1.00 / 1)
What is the good news in those numbers here?  These numbers show that Ted can't win don't they?  What is missing?  Not trying to be a wet blanket but this is a non starter.

Apparently you did. (4.50 / 4)
look at the calendar.

With zero support from the party, Ankrum's made a huge impact in this district.

2 months to make up the ground? I call this great news for Democrats in Texas.

Battleground year, people. BATTLEGROUND.

Before you win, you have to fight. Come fight along with us at TexasKaos.

[ Parent ]
DFT in Bastrop is behind Ted (4.33 / 3)
Our little Democracy for Texas group in Bastrop County has been supporting Ted ever since he asked for our help in the primary.

Yesterday I got up early to go out and pound t-posts for some 4x4 signs.  Today I received a list of 8 more locations of property owners who have agreed to take signs.

You, too, can volunteer and make a difference.  Let's oust another DeLay Repug and replace him with someone good for all of us.

For me, it matters that Ted is an engineer, not just another friggin' lawyer, and that he truly understands energy issues.  Ask him about nuclear power -- hands-on experience in the navy.  Ask him about automobile fuel efficiency -- he wrote the CAFE standards.  Ask him about alternative energy sources.  Ask him about the hybrid car he's driving all over this huge district.

Ted should be our energy guy in the House!

Come Again? (0.00 / 0)
You guys must be reading a different poll from the one I read.  It looks like Antrim is trailing by almost 10 points in a district where no Democrat even bothered to file last election.  He only looks competitive because the Libertarian has lots of money and is actually outspending McCaul in the campaign.


TX-10 Poll Results | 9 comments

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