Comments: Planned Parenthood Construction Continues

I would like to know what you know about a women's rights or what Planned Parenthood does behind closed doors. What does Planned Parenthood advise women to do? Do you know? Have you ever walked into one? Do you even know what "Health Care" they provide? What sort of counseling do they offer? I do know. I was an unwed pregnant mother of 17 yrs old, the ONLY CHOICE they told me about was abortion. I am "lucky" I didn't listen to them and I sought out real help and had my daughter. She is now 16 yrs old and a model student. I have NEVER regreted my decision, but it was not thanks to Planned Parenthood!!! They would have helped me kill her, but never gave me options to keep her.
If you ever have a daughter I hope you look hard at the abortion laws, My 16 yrs old daughter can not take an asprin at school or get a flu shot without my written consent but thanks to "democrats" she can get an abortion (a major surgical procedure) without my knowledge and a lot of complications can come along with that not to mention post partum depression and post abortion depression. That could cost her her life. Is it worth it? Just because these girls are scared because they made a mistake?I'm asking you to consider the other side of the coin because I see you are very vocal in your opinion. I do not claim republican or democrat. I am me, I vote my heart. But I will say, your opinion is not the "Burnt Orange" opinion. We all have our own.

Posted by dawn at September 14, 2004 01:09 PM
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