Comments: Anti-Choice Activists to Rally in Austin Tonight

I don't know about counter-demonstrators at this rally but apparently someone decided to demonstrate at the home of the instigators of the contractor boycott.

Here's a Point-Counterpoint between principals from Austin's IMC.

Posted by citizen Able at December 2, 2003 07:50 PM

Is "Anti-Life" the opposite of "Anti-Choice"?
Sometimes slick political rhetoric can rebound against you.

Posted by Tim Z at December 2, 2003 10:00 PM

I wonder if any of these 'anti racist' actors against 'religious zealots' have ever read the true history of PP, or about Margaret Sanger's comments at the world conference of eugenicists to her German colleagues in the late 20s and early know, Sanger's lines about 'eliminating human weeds' from the gene pool?

But of course today's PP has nothing to do with that.

Posted by TX Pundit at December 3, 2003 03:08 PM
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