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Actually, I don't think you would approve of the way that Breseden has turned a surplus. He refused to support the creation of an income tax, which many state Dems (not to mention outgoing GOP Gov. Sundquist) insisted was necessary to fully fund the government. Instead, he balanced the budget through spending cuts and smaller government. I would gladly support a balanced budget now, if it meant that the Federal Government did it through spending cuts, not tax increases. Heck, $500 Billion in spending cuts? Sign me up, no matter what the budget sitution. No more farm subsidies, corporate welfare programs, eliminate Medicare coverage for middle and upper income Seniors, eliminate the departments of Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Energy, the Interior, sell of most federal lands ... the possibilities are endless. If you on the left will agree to support a budget balanced through smaller government, then I think we can come to a consensus here.

Posted by sherk at September 16, 2003 12:02 PM

51% of today's Crossfire audience Democrats think that Clark will be the Dem nominee.

Posted by ByronUT at September 16, 2003 05:15 PM

Clark is the strongest Candidate for President- A former Military General of NATO who successfully prosecuted the War in Yugoslovia which brought down the brutal dictator. A decorated Vietnam Veteran, A Rhode Scholar from Oxford University, Investment Banker,CEO of Technology Firm in Little Rock Arkansas, his home town. Clark will give Democrats credibility on foriegn policy and national security issues and be able to help democrats win in the South.
Clark is a political novice who spend most of his career life in the military and corporate sector. His Vice Presidential runningmate should spend a decent amount of his career life in Elected Office and Have Legislative and Executive Experience. Phil Bredesen is the perfect VP runningmate for Clark. Bredesen is a Governor of Tennesee- a swing state in the border South. Bredesen is responsible for leading the State of tennesee from a deficit to a budget surplus. He will give Clark credibility on Economic and Social Issues. Clark/Bredesen is favored to win the 2004 Presidential election by carrying all the states Gore carried during the 2000 Presidential election. plus Arkansas,Louisiana,New Hampshire,Tennesee,and West Virginia, 295 ev

Posted by neal patel at October 6, 2003 03:38 PM
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