Comments: Map Passes House Committee

Duncan went on record in Sunday's Lubbock Avalanche-Journal as stating that he would reject any map that squeezes the 19th and 17th districts in such a way as to (1) reduce by one the number of West Texas districts in Washington, or (2) pits Randy Neugebauer (R-Lubbock) against Charlie Stenholm (D-Abilene) in a future race. Duncan wants both men to continue serving.

This map won't get Duncan's approval. Not only does it weaken the West Texas contingent, but it puts Nawgy out of a job. The fresher-than-freshman real estate developer won't be able to unseat the senior minority voice on the Ag Committee here in farm and ranch land. Ain't gonna happen no matter what letter comes after the name.

Posted by joel at September 16, 2003 02:37 PM

The House map is still DOA. Ratliff, and possibly Bob Deuell R-Hunt won't allow a Session/Hall pairing, if Ralph wants to run again. Duncan is against a Neugbauer/Stenholm pairing. Kip Averrit, is against the splitting of McLennan county in any form.

Posted by pc at September 18, 2003 04:17 PM
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