Comments: Angry Dallas City Council Meeting

I've now lived in the Dallas area for 10 years, and this has to be one of the most divided, mismanaged cities. Perhaps the most depressing are the DISD meetings, which have been not only confrontational, rude, and hateful but even physical and intimidating.

I don't know the details of the history of race in this city, but they seem to have it in for one another. Sadly, some elements of the minorities in Dallas have cried race once too often. It seems to be nothing more than a knee-jerk response. To hear someone say that an explanation is needed, I don't think anything more is needed than the crime rates. Frankly, since I've been here, the Dallas police has had a great share of problems.

I believe that Laura Miller wants to get rid of the city manager system. She has complained of it too often to believe otherwise.

But I sure am glad that they spent money to build the American Airlines Center instead of improving pay and staffing for the police and fire departments.

Thank goodness Dallas is penned in by the surburbs and can't really expand. Maybe they ought to let Addison run Dallas for a while.

Posted by Tx Bubba at September 2, 2003 03:35 PM

Tx Bubba: I was born in Royce City, raised in Dallas and Irving and worked for the Dallas Morning News before joining the Navy in 1952. I cannot tell you how glad I was to get the bloody heck out of Dallas altho Dallas was less problematic race wise at that time but I could easily see the writing on the wall. The race sore thumb was mostly between the blacks and white's at that time...the Mexican's came in much later. My parents owned a small home in the SE section of Dallas and before they died in 1961, the whole bloody area was being invaded by blacks and by the time I gave the property to Dallas, the druggies had moved in and then the Mexicans and the blacks began their own neighborhood wars. I gave the property to the city in 1975 just because of the race invasion and problems associated with both races and their drug invasions as well and I figured that if the city could not clean up the area (yes, Dallas police and council were dum-dums even in those days)then they could handle the property after I had the bloody house torn down to keep the drug idiots out. For thirty years, those nim-rods have sent me tax bills even after I quit-claimed the bloody lot to the mentally challenged tax people. I retired from the Navy and never went back to Dallas or it's suburbs.....just because the blacks, the mexicans and the whites simply are not bright enough to learn how to settle disputes with dignity, respect and intelligence. I would suggest to every citizen who cares to save that the whole bloody bunch and put them all (council, police department and any citizen of any color who causes dissention...) in uniform in one military unit and send them to Iraq or Afghanistan. If they can't get along on the council or police department or even on the streets of Dallas....let them try to hate each other when they have to depend on each other under enemy fire!!! Tallyho everyone.

Posted by breck at February 3, 2004 06:52 AM
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