Comments: Silly Quizzes and an Open Thread

Here are my results:

1. Arianna Huffington (96%)
2. Audie Bock (97%)
3. Peter Camejo (100%)
4. Cruz Bustamante (79%)
5. Gray Davis (73%)
6. Peter Ueberroth (40%)
7. Gary Coleman (32%)
8. Arnold Schwarzenegger (24%)
9. Mary Carey (17%)
10. Larry Flynt (13%)
11. Tom McClintock (10%)
12. Bill Simon (dropped out) (3%)
13. Angelyne (0%)

Posted by ByronUT at September 1, 2003 12:49 PM

Not that I have a lot of huge disagreements with Camejo that much (even despite the fact that he was once the Socialist Workers' Party presidential candidate; and the SWP is/was a lot more radical than the Green Party), but I think it's a little biased in his favor. I probably agree with Camejo most of the time but I doubt anywhere near 100 percent of the time.

Then again this is only a beta.

Incidentally, does anyone find it amusing that despite all the griping by Greens that the Democrats are a compromised party -- that Trotskyite groups like ISO endorse what a Green Platform that is only tangentially social-democratic (and nowhere explicitly Marxist-Leninist?).

The difference between the DSA working it for the Democrats and ISO working it for the Greens is that the DSA actually has some minor influence over national policy. Not to mention the fact that the social democratic left which the DSA generally represents long ago abandoned any pretentions about ideological purity.

I'm not entirely sure how I got off on this rant, but to sum it up... I like a lot of the people in the UT chapter of the ISO, but I would never ever join that group because (1)They're too rigid (I once asked an ISO-er if they ever did debates; to which she said no because they had a set agenda. Guessing from the presence of a lot of marxist-leninist literature, I can presume that's a radical Marxist-Leninist agenda). And (2) they're too silly.

[End Rant].

Posted by Jim D at September 1, 2003 02:45 PM

1. Bill Simon (dropped out) (100%)
2. Tom McClintock (58%)
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger (53%)
4. Gary Coleman (22%)
5. Gray Davis (20%)
6. Arianna Huffington (17%)
7. Larry Flynt (15%)
8. Peter Ueberroth (15%)
9. Cruz Bustamante (10%)
10. Audie Bock (6%)
11. Peter Camejo (0%)
12. Angelyne (0%)
13. Mary Carey (0%)

Damn, I was really looking forward to seeing how close Mary Carey and I would match up.

And I so loathe Simon and McClintock.

And Huffington has my vote for the most pandering politician out there now.

Oh well, if I lived in Cali I would vote down the recall anyway.

Posted by Josh at September 1, 2003 05:27 PM
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