Comments: And I thought Texas Politics was Bizarre

You can also get a "What Would Jesus Do?" thong at complete with a picture of a disapproving Christ.

Posted by Dave Wilkins at August 7, 2003 02:25 AM

Yes, with 1/3 of our State Senate in Albuquerque, we Texans should be thankful for the distraction of California at this particular time...

Posted by Mark Harden at August 7, 2003 03:51 PM

Yikes....thanks for the imagery gentlemen

Posted by Josh at August 8, 2003 02:58 AM

I take that back, now that I have seen that she is quite the cutie.

For some odd reason *shudders* I had thought it was a tag on the President and had pictured George in a thong and.....*sigh* its been a long day

Posted by Josh at August 8, 2003 03:01 AM
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