Comments: Dallas Morning News: Which Republican will they endorse tomorrow?

I had to laugh whenever the DMN cites the Dallas Bar Association Polls. The Dallas Bar Association ("DBA")is composed of almost exclusively "downtown corporate-type" lawyers who are overwhelmingly conservative and Republican. The DBA is not reflective of the legal community AT ALL.

What is especially decpetive is citing a poll of DBA lawyers concerning judges for criminal courts - I bet not 1% of the DBA lawyers have ever represented a client in a criminal case. The DBA lawyers are told to vote Republican across the board to encourage Republican vote to get Republican civil court judges who will rule in favor of their corporate and insurance clients' interests.

If the DMN had one iota of integrity, it would stop leading the public to believe that the DBA is representative of Dallas County lawyers.

Posted by WhoMe? at September 13, 2004 11:13 PM
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