Comments: Perry Approval at 43%

Is Hutchison a certain candidate?

I cannot imagine for the life of me why someone would give up a Senate seat to take over the tar baby that is the Texas Governorship.

Given the current makeup of the Texas Legislature, I can't imagine any progress on any of the major issues facing the state over the next 4 years. Whoever becomes governor is going to find their political fortunes tied to the legislature I imagine.

Posted by Kent at September 7, 2004 02:56 PM

I believe that Kay Bailey's candidacy for Governor is purley based upon 2 factors:

1.) The Ann Richards Factor. Gov. Richards is a shining example of what a fiery Texan woman can accomplish in our great state. Richards is a notable fundraiser with high national recognition, and has a great private sector job in NYC.

2.) Senator Hutchison has hit a glass ceiling in the Senate. She can accomplish a greater legacy back home and tap her fundraising base nationally outside of constricted FEC finance laws to blow Perry (thank the lord) out of the water early on.

The problem for the Democratic candidates that will emerge (short list: Lampsons, Turner, Sanchez, and maybe Ron Kirk) is that none of them have a great enough state wide name recognition to emerge from the field unscathed enough to oppose the GOP candidate.

Unless the State Party can use calculated triage and get others to back down and accept a coordinated effort for an alternate seat, the Democrats have a long way to go before they can pose a significant threat to the GOP.

Posted by Wade at September 7, 2004 05:40 PM

Hmm, so who would the GOP try to put in KHB's senate seat if this happens?

Posted by Jason Young at September 7, 2004 05:52 PM

Probably Dewhurst, and Strayhorn would run for lite guv, both would probably be contested to some extent though. Joe Barton wants to run for US Senate as would Henry Bonilla. And Strayhorn would probably be contested even for an open lite guv run since enough people don't like her.

Posted by Byron L at September 7, 2004 06:18 PM

I still think Kay can win a state wide race, but cannot win a Republican primary. The hard core base of the Republican party does not like her. For the last several State conventions they have challenged her credentials. She is not right wing kooky enough for them. I hope she bloodies Perry up enough so that he survives, but maimed, going into the general (I am, of course, speaking metaphorically - I do not wish physical ill will on anyone).

Posted by WhoMe? at September 7, 2004 10:08 PM
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