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Just to be an old geezer who bores kids with the tales of the old days:

When I went to UT we smoked in the hallways. Yep, when you went to the Parlin (English Dept) building there'd be a whole crowd of us smoking before class. The Texas Tavern in the Union - major smoking and drinking going on. When they'd open the door to go out to the rest of the Union, a big cloud of smoke and the smell of Shiner Bock followed.

The phrase "political correctness" had just started appearing right before I graduated. I guess things have gotten even more so. I can't imagine how dull and depressing UT has gotten. I'll be there for a concert at the Cactus Cafe in August, I guess I'll see for myself.

Ahh, bring me back the 80s!

Posted by Rob Booth (Slightly Rough) at July 11, 2003 01:54 PM

Smoke in the hallways on campus would drive me nuts. There's always plenty of time 10-15 minutes between classes to smoke outside, for the smokers out there. The thing that older people always seem most amazed about college campuses today is the number of people talking on cell phones walking between classes, because everyone has one. My parents just thought that was quite amusing (and Rob, I'm certainly not suggesting that you're as old as my parents).

Posted by ByronUT at July 12, 2003 08:57 PM

Well, I'm 36. According to science, it's possible for me to be as old as your dad, but I doubt it. Although he and I probably have a lot in common.

The smoking in the halls was probably a bit much. But no smoking in the Tavern? Man, that stinks.

Posted by Rob Booth (Slightly Rough) at July 15, 2003 04:08 PM
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