Comments: We Rule (The Internet)!

Who needs to be in the majority when you're right, eh?

Posted by Charles Hueter at March 18, 2004 10:39 AM

The devil is in the details and the GWU report is rich with insight validated by data. It's not that Democrats are the majority on the Net...hello?'s how we are using the technology for political activism purposes--that's the real story.

An important report conclusion, "the fact that so many of the Online Political Citizens are Influentials means that if candidates, parties, and issue advocacy groups want to reach the people who reach others, the place to find them is on the Internet. These citizens are active and engaged members of their communities, which suggests that their involvement may not be short-leved. This is a hopeful sign for reinvigorating the American political process, and that, for us, is the true promise of online politics."

It will be interesting to see if candidates and parties get the message.

Posted by JOhn Oeffinger at March 18, 2004 11:01 AM

The internet is a spiffy fund-raising tool, but all of the technologically savvy and connected "Influentials" didn't do Dean much good...

The internet is merely an extension of "grass-roots" politicking.

Posted by Michael Herdegen at March 19, 2004 05:10 AM
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