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Is your main purpose in doing this making money or promoting your site?

Cafe Press takes a good chunk of the profits. Because of this, you will receive less money per item and customers will pay more too.
You would be better off working with some local company in Austin (maybe one with Dem connections) which produces promotional items. You will score points for helping area business.
Just how many types of items do you need anyway? T-shirts and stickers are essential, and you could probably make a case for coffee mugs. But do you really need the thongs and hoodies offered by Cafe Press?

As for logos, what's wrong with the logo along the top of this site over a plain white background? You only need to make sure that the font sizes are large enough to be seen properly. But you may also add your URL just below it. Always keep things as simple as possible. Don't make it difficult for people to figure out what you are trying to say.
BTW, I still have the same P.O. Box. You can send my $20 there.
; )

Posted by Tim Z at March 13, 2004 04:41 PM

Thanks Tim. I'm mostly interested in promoting the site. I'd like a real professional logo for BOR. I'd like to start out at Cafe Press, but there are some companies in Austin that I'd like to work with. They haven't contacted us, but if they did, I'd give them first dibs. Cafe Press is a good place to start because it requires zero money up front. Later, when we have more resources, it ought to be easier to seek out local folks.

Posted by Byron L at March 13, 2004 05:53 PM

Byron, I'll try my hand at something too if I have the time. I had an idea today that I'll see if I can work with.

Posted by Karl-T at March 13, 2004 11:15 PM


I have had really good luck with AJL for t-shirts and stuff, because they are willing to take orders slowly and make the orders as they are purchased. The way I have done it was to make a sign up form online using paypal, have patrons buy online, then wait until I have about 10 to call AJL. They'll make them and ship them for you anywhere. AJL is located on 26th and San Gabriel.

Cafe Press does work well, but the quality is just not quite as good. I think that for starting out it is a great idea. I mean, who could resist a BOR Thong? I know Dobbs will have one.

Speaking of Dobbs, he and some of the Reprezent folks might have a line on some cheap shirts. Dobbs, if you see this - let it be known.

I am off to Vegas... yes, I turn 21 tomorrow -finally

Posted by Carl H at March 14, 2004 11:50 PM
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