Comments: Arnold Opposes Hate Amendment, Fine with Gay Marriage

Don't get too enthralled by our steroid pumping, botox injecting governor. His proposition 57 and 58 started to nose dive in the polls among Gay and Lesbian voters because of his ridiculous statements about "rioting in the streets." He's just doing damage control. I voted against both propositions. Arnold ran on a campaign of making tough choices and promised to get the state budget under control. Shoot, Gray Davis could have borrowed the money and solved the problem. Why should Arnold get away with solutions that were not available to Davis? I'm also convinced that Arnold will run to replace Diane Feinstein in two years with the slogan: "I solved the budget crisis." Yeah, right.

Just say no to Republicans borrowing money that your children will have to repay.

Happy Texas Independence Day to all of you still in the homeland. I'm going to write on the meaning of Texas Independence Day later this week. Be sure to stop by.

Posted by r. Houston Bridges at March 2, 2004 05:04 PM
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