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September 12, 2003

Recall Miller?

By Byron LaMasters

I think we all have recall fever. There's the recall election in California. A lot of us Democrats in Texas would like to recall Gov. Rick Perry (although there's no constitutional provision for such a recall in Texas, it's a nice thought), and now community activists opposed to Laura Miller's firing of Police Chief Terrell Bolton want to recall Dallas Mayor Laura Miller. The Dallas Morning News reports.

It won't happen. Organizers would need to gather 72,873 signatures in 60 days, and unless Darrell Issa decides he want so dump a few hundred grand into the effort, then it ain't going anywhere.

Posted by Byron LaMasters at September 12, 2003 02:03 PM | TrackBack


Where do I sign? I have been waiting for a recall opportunity since election day.

Posted by: kris at September 25, 2003 06:40 AM

I'll provide free hosting of a website to get her illiterate DUMB XXX recalled. No one person has done more to TRASH Dallas business, and atmosphere. From the roads, to the trash, to the cops and firemen, laura has shown exactly what we have come to expect from the socialist, liberal left.

I pay taxes to Dallas, and work there daily. The infrastructure is crumbling, downtown has more vacant office space, HUNDREDS of illegals line the streets down town daily, looking for work, and the homesless are next, as "laura" is fixing to drive them away.

She's totally typical of the plastic that we have come to expect from her, and the city council. ASk the seniors she just stripped of hundreds of dollars each month now, retiree's who served, and now she has shafted.

This has nothing to do with bolton's termination. Althou, the way that was handled was yet another sign of crappy CHARACTER so reticent in these snobs. Hell, the actors on Dallas had more class.

It's just item after item where she DISCOURAGES business, tourisim, and PARTICIPATION.

She needs to join Areiana in California. They can BOTH live the fantasy.

I seriously resent any politician who not only FORGETS the promises they made during their campaign, but also goes out of thier way to change traditions in Dallas that are timeless, and harm the lethargic economic base she is trying so hard to extoll to us.

CB in Rowlett.

Posted by: CleanBreak at September 25, 2003 07:38 PM

What a dick. Why do you think Dallas is falling apart? What a clusterfuck of a city Laura was brave enough to take on. It's taken years for Dallas to crumble and it certainly wasn't because of Laura Miller. As for the poor retirees, and I'll throw in the whiny city employees too, I WISH I had retirement to reduce. I WISH I had benefits to reduce. I'm just happy to have a friggin' job. City employees who flew under the radar for years, coming in late, leaving early, abusing the benefits programs, putting in for bogus overtime are finally getting what they deserve. Nothing.

And who's responsible for bad city services? Why I'll bet it's some of the very city employees that are demanding raises ahead of the cops and firemen. Miller is trying to fix what's broken in the city first so it can attract more tourists, attract more business. And guess what? She doesn't intend to line her own pockets like former mayor Ron Kirk and former city manager John Ware did. But what is she up against? A good old boy system that is so tightly entrenched that it will take a sledgehammer to loosen their white-knuckle grip on Dallas. By the way, I worked with Miller for four years and she's just the sledgehammer to do it.

Also, you might want to educate yourself about the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance that's pushing for this recall. Historically, this pseudo-religious group of extortionists threaten the city council with race riots until they get what they want or are paid off.

Stay in Rowlett with the chigga-bugs and crappie fishermen down at the marina.

Posted by: ES Daro at October 8, 2003 07:38 PM

Laura Miller recently welcomed bus loads of illegal aliens, communists, and socialists to Dallas. She issued the welcoming proclamation placing her signature as Mayor of Dallas alongside endorsers of the event such as the Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, and the Marxist Education Foundation (or some such name), the Latino Socialist Party, Democratic Socialists of USA, -and that is the short list of communist groups she has aligned herself with.

I know for a fact the document exists because it was published on the communist web site that sponsored the bus riders, and they had a poster size enlargement of the document on the Office of the Mayor letter head bearing her signature at their "circus" held in front of the Old Red Courthouse on September 27. I have been trying to get a copy of the document since September 29, have been to her office twice, called her office many times, and am being stonewalled. I am told the document is already archived and it might take as long as six months for them to retrieve it. I finally filed an open records request, and am told the City Attorney might still arbitrarily deny access to the document.
Does this sound like a community leader who wants the citizens to know what direction they are leading the community? Nope. If what she has endorsed was so wonderful for the City of Dallas, we would hear no end of her blowing her own horn.

Another thing the Dallas City Council is considering right now, as we speak, is a resolution to accept something called a matricula consular card as valid ID for public services. For those who do not know, the matricula consular card is an ID issued by the Mexican government through one of its more than 56 consulate offices, to Mexican nationals living in the United States who have no other valid form of ID for $29 each. The Mexican consulate has been to City Hall, lobbying our local city leaders for acceptance of this ID that is no more secure or valid than the ID cards you can buy at Six Flags. It is a violation of our Constitution for any city, state or local government to enter into any contract or agreement with any foreign government or potentate, or even entertain or tolerate the lobbying efforts of a foreign government. Since it is obvious the only persons who would have need of the matricula consular card are illegal aliens, this amounts to our Dallas City Council, led by a communist mayor, to subvert our federal immigration laws. The FBI issued a report on the matricula consular cards earlier this year describing how insecure they are, how they have caught Mexican nationals with as many as 7 of them in their possession, each bearing a different name but same photo, and several cases of Middle Eastern men carrying the cards with Hispanic names on them but bearing their photo. So not only is Laura Miller and Gestapo in cahoots to violate our Constitution, our federal laws, they are in addition threatening the security of our entire nation in this New World Order of terrorism in the United States of America.

In addition, the mayor and the Dallas City council are putting the already troubled finances, your tax dollars, of the City of Dallas at risk, because if they resolve to accept this phony ID, they fall into violation of federal laws which prohibit aiding and abetting illegal aliens by encouraging and enabling them to remain in the country unlawfully. When laws are violated, insurance coverages are lost, leaving the City of Dallas open to lawsuits from any person, or surviving family member, who is harmed by an illegal alien in possesion of one of these cards. In addition, the individual council members who by their signature endorse violation of laws, also lose their indemnity, and become personally liable in the same lawsuits.

And to add insult to injury, the City of Dallas has something little known about called Sanctuary Laws that protect illegal aliens as a special class from even being asked about their status until it is too late, and they have committed a murder, rape or other violent crime.

Does Laura Miller deserve a recall?
At the very least.
A long term jail sentence might be in order.
And we could include in the recall at least 11 of the 14 city council members who have already signed off on the acceptance of the matricula consular card as valid ID for illegal aliens to receive public services in the City of Dallas.

Posted by: Lets Roll at October 18, 2003 10:39 AM

R.E.C.A.L.L...Recall Election to Call Attention to Laura's Lies.

There's an old expression from my youth in the 50's..."Liar liar, hearts on fire!"

Is Laura Miller a Liar? So say many at City Hall.

Is Laura Miller a uniter, a unifer or a divider?

I, and many say a divider.

It's an abomination to go after the homeless, to call for their arrest with such passion when the city still has done nothing other than words and meetings. Miller was quoted as saying she would yell at them from her car! What an asshole she can be. Our homeless, the national homeless population is increasing each month because of the economy. Yes, there are some lazy homeless out there, but most of them need help. With all the money in our community, we, Dallas is disgraced by their continued presence, and the continued presence of Laura Miller who cares more about appearance...her's especially...than in solving our homeless problem...than in immediately getting them all into a safe place for the shortterm. Every resident of New York City gives 25 cents each day, when you break down the city's budget. In Dallas, it's less than a penny, and Miller saw to it that the homeless budget will go down next year to less than less than a penny.

RECALL LAURA MILLER!!! It is going to happen.

Posted by: rich sheridan at November 17, 2003 06:57 PM

If anyone knows locations to sign the recall petitions, post them to the WeTellAll.com forums. I doubt the people who run that site will remove the post since they seem to dislike Laura Miller too.

Posted by: Anonymous at November 22, 2003 04:13 PM

Personally, I do not support the recall of Laura Miller, for the record - although I'm currently registered to vote in Austin, so it doesn't particularly matter anyway. Regardless, this site is an open forum and unless you say something offensive or inappropriate then I won't go around deleting comments. I just wanted to clarify.

Byron LaMasters
Owner and Contributor, Burnt Orange Report.

Posted by: ByronUT at November 22, 2003 08:16 PM

I'm ready to move to Dallas, just add my vote to recall Laura Miller. I remember her years as a cub reporter for the Dallas Observer. Writing for that rag must have helped her qualify for her position as Mayor of Dallas. I learned then and it sill applies now. She cares nothing about the City of Dallas, she is just interested in her personal pet peeves. She doesn't care about getting caught telling lies, just ask the poor folks at the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Firefighters. It offends her to be sitting in her SUV and seeing homeless people. Her self confessed report of screaming at them is not what I would consider proper deportment for an elected official of the City of Dallas.

Posted by: D Watts at November 25, 2003 12:21 PM

Some in Dallas' black community don't like it when they don't get their way. Threaten race riots too. Nice folks eh? Even if Bolton's performance generally sucked, they don't care. It's not about what's best for the city. It's about being BLACK and pulling out the race card to get what they want, right or wrong. The recall is purely for revenge. A worthless exercise that makes the black community in Dallas look childish, ignorant and petty. Educated voters won't be fooled though. By the way, where is Mr. Bolton, the subject of all this righteous indignation, who compares losing his cop job with the persecution of Jesus Christ? He's a sad, laughable guy. The recall is a joke. Too bad it's wasting so many people's time, money and energy.

Posted by: ES Daro at December 2, 2003 11:56 AM

Mr.Johnson; I hope as a people we can pull off this Recall election, and get Mayor Miller recalled. but in the event we don't we have showed our political strength. thus causing political canadates not take us serious. our strenght is in the black churches, if we can't come togather there. we are cooked.
women over forty; I am a black man forty five yrs.old, my wife is fifety two yrs, old we've. been married for twenty years. when we married she was thirtyfour and I was twentyseven. willis the sex is great. she is my second wife. the first wife was two yrs.younger than me. but she was not ready, so it didn't last. I did have problems in this marriage early on but the sex was so good, I held on. willis we speak to general if we say women over forty as a whole. as MT do. you will miss out. that holds true for women with historrectums. in my pass i've. dated such women and most of them had good sex. we must weight these things on a case by case bases.
Morning crew thanks for this time. I listen daily from 5-9. I patrol the streets of dallas.
I pray that your mother get well.

Posted by: M.H at December 7, 2003 09:39 AM

Laura Miller ought to be an incentive for every one to get out & VOTE!! Continue to be slackers & unvolved & get what u get Laura Killers.Where are the recall sites? Please know only active voters in Dallas are eligible to sign roster.If the recall is sucessful what is the plan? who will take her place? Laura Killer could have been advoided if the african american community had taken interest to excercise the VOTE!

Posted by: M Evans at December 10, 2003 09:34 PM

Where do I sign, I am a registered voter...I exercised my right to vote and to who ever may read this please do the same..

Posted by: M. Moffett at December 27, 2003 09:10 AM

Recall #2 effort failed. No surprise there. Now black churchmen say they want Miller recalled because she's not doing enough for South Dallas. What? Wait a minute, I thought the recall was all about outrage over Bolton's firing. Are they trying to distance themselves from Bolton? Obviously. Can't get any support so they create a new blanket reason for a recall? Just like children who don't get what they want, they change their story.

Posted by: ES Daro at January 12, 2004 08:14 AM

The problem with Dallas, is that there is no pride or identity. It is a very reactionary city. There is no concept of breaking any barriers. Dallas just waits for New York or L.A. to take the lead. The big American cities usually have a population proud of what their city means, stands for. But then there is dallas, 9th largest city, 8th largest metro area.....completely blank of character....that is why no one votes....that is why Dallas is a second rate city.....and Laura Miller deserves this city.....and Dallas deserves her. Should Dallasites finally dare to dream for this city......the laura Millers will go. Upon my triumphant return back to Dallas I will aid the recall of Laura miller....and the renaissance that will eventually come to Dallas

Posted by: davey at January 30, 2004 10:29 AM

Be careful about posting things to the wetellall forums. Its webmaster apparently has a rap sheet. Check out http://www.wetellall.org

Posted by: Mark Weber at February 8, 2004 06:16 PM
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